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Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Watched Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor at Chris's new place with Tim and Sylvie.

Best episode in years.

Things I liked:

1. John Hurt as the War Doctor. He was wonderful.

2. Billie Pyper as The Moment. Wonderful to see the Bad Wolf/Rose event recur - I've been hoping, ever since season one, that we'd get Bad Wolf references again. Finally, we did. I always thought that Rose's reappearance in later seasons were unfortunate, but It was so good to see this version of her here - part companion, part visualized metaphor, part TARDIS-analogue, and, as always, the Doctor's conscience and courage. And it was great that only one Doctor could see her.

3. Loved the final scene, with all the doctors.

4. I liked the relationship that developed between Clara and the War Doctor. I have mixed feelings about Clara; I think she's utterly personable, but has no personality. Sylvie said she liked the way Clara treats the Doctor like one of her students, and I like that, too.

5. We get more of the story of Ten and Queen Elizabeth I. Which was silly, but fun to see.

6. I didn't understand the relationship between the "Gallifrey Falls" painting and Queen Elizabeth.

7. I didn't understand why the War Doctor referred to the Tenth Doctor's shoes as 'sand shoes'.

8. Loved the way the Doctors forced the Zygons and the humans to make peace. This was a nice pacifist episode. I like that.

9. How wonderful, to see Ten again.

10. At least this time the fez had a purpose.

11. I loved it when the Doctors started to understand each other.

12. It was fun to see Tom Baker, though I'm not sure what to make of his appearance there.

13. So... There's a little pocket Gallifrey we saw before, tucked away in The End of Time. Now there's the whole of Gallifrey in another pocket universe, time-locked in suspended animation. So is their own history going on for them - isolated from the rest of the timelines - or are they stuck, like statues, at the moment of the weapon's firing? I suppose we'll find out in future.

14. Really enjoyed some of the banter.

15. Really liked Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart; but then, I always love U.N.I.T. stories. I hope we meet her again. Loved all the subterranean stuff under the National Gallery.

16. Loved the moment where we saw the eyes of the Twelfth Doctor.

17. Despite my enjoyment, I can't help feeling that it had too much of Steven Moffat's timey-wimey stuff that really doesn't make a lot of sense, and less so the more you think about it. Loved the use of the paintings, though.

18. It was also fun having three versions of the TARDIS flying around at the same time in the same place.

... and looking forward to more.
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