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A hearty toast to Dorothy Dunnett...

Today was the International Dorothy Dunnett Day, where fans the world over got together to toast Dorothy Dunnett at 1 p.m. local time.

In Ottawa we met at the Tea Party Cafe on York St. I'd instituted a hat contest - a prize for the best hat. Lyn won it this year, for a stetson wrapped in a mauve feather boa. The best touch: a horse had trampled the hat. That seemed a delightfully Dunnettesque touch.

We each read a passage of choice.

Lynne read a scene where Lymond sees the unconscious Will Scott shortly before Will's death.

Gemma read the passage at the end of the chapter in which Diccon Chancellor dies.

Donna read a scene from "Checkmate", about the aftermath of the Hotel de Ville banquet.

Tasia read the passage in which Thorfinn and Thorkel discuss happiness.

I read from "The Game of Kings", the scene with Jonathan Crouch, before Lymond and company go to the Ostrich.

We tasted Dorothy Dunnett, and made plans to meet again next year - spring and fall.
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